Fun With Stickers!

My mom and her sister have always collected stickers, along with greeting cards (and other things, of course.)

Recently I’ve branched out into creating stickers with the vintage images I use in my Etsy store, and I’m having so much fun with it!


It took a while to get the right sticker stock, and program to make them. Usually I use InDesign, but this time went with a program by Avery, who makes the sticker stock I’m using.

Right now I’m staying with a simple 1.5″ round sticker for my designs, but at some point might branch out to do kiss-cut stickers, which will require the purchase of something like a Cricut machine. I need to evaluate how they do in my market before making that leap.

But for now, I’m really enjoying the process of putting my images on sticker stock, and the only problem is deciding which ones to do first!