Customer Creations

One of the most fun things I can do with my vintage images is print them onto a special kind of fabric which is designed to be printed on using an inkjet printer.

I sell these finished fabric blocks as supplies in my Etsy store KatyDids Fabrics. And some of my customers are kind enough to share the items they make with them with me. Some even then sell the finished items on Etsy, which is really cool.

Here’s one lovely bag a customer made with one of my fabric blocks:


You can purchase this bag in her store Belle Epoque Creations, which is full of clever and lovely handmade items of all sorts.

Another customer made a throw pillow with a fabric block she purchased from me, which I love (we’re big fans of cows here on the farm.)


And another customer even upholstered a chair with one of my fabric blocks! (I am not at all skilled at upholstering and am in awe of those who are.)


These are just a few ideas of things that can be done with my fabric blocks, stop by my store and check them out.