Margaret Tarrant Fairies

I’ve added some adorable cards and fabric blocks to my Etsy stores by artist Margaret Tarrant this week. She was a wonderful illustrator who is most well-known for her Flower Fairies, but she also did a whole series of fairy books, including Forest Fairies, House Fairies, and Seashore Fairies.

The items I added this week are from the Forest Fairies book, and include two images with fairies and mushrooms. The first shows a Forest Fairy holding an elf cup mushroom up to a small spider, offering it a drink.WP Elf Cup 1b

The second shows a pair of Forest Fairies and two Elves who are painting a large red mushroom. One of the elves is taking a nap, and is getting paint dripped on him!

WP Paint Pots 1b

Both of these can be seen as greeting cards in my Etsy store KatyDids Cards, and as fabric blocks in my Etsy store KatyDids Fabrics.

I look forward to adding more of Tarrant’s work to my stores soon, be sure to stop by and check for them.

Etsy Treasuries for May 31st

A fun Treasury on Etsy today filled with fun gifts for the men in your life: “His Happy Birthday.” My Chicken Boy Smokes card is featured in it again (one of my best-selling cards, see the previous blog post.)

And not one but two Treasuries for my fabric blocks today! The first is Foggy Day, with a lot of beautiful sepia and brown items highlighted, including my Chicken Boy Smokes fabric block.

The second is Pastel Summertime Flower Fairies, where you’ll find every sort of Flower Fairy you can think of, including my pink Flower Fairy from a Liebig Trade Card:

Rose Flower Fairy Fabric Block