Customer Creations

One of the most fun things I can do with my vintage images is print them onto a special kind of fabric which is designed to be printed on using an inkjet printer.

I sell these finished fabric blocks as supplies in my Etsy store KatyDids Fabrics. And some of my customers are kind enough to share the items they make with them with me. Some even then sell the finished items on Etsy, which is really cool.

Here’s one lovely bag a customer made with one of my fabric blocks:


You can purchase this bag in her store Belle Epoque Creations, which is full of clever and lovely handmade items of all sorts.

Another customer made a throw pillow with a fabric block she purchased from me, which I love (we’re big fans of cows here on the farm.)


And another customer even upholstered a chair with one of my fabric blocks! (I am not at all skilled at upholstering and am in awe of those who are.)


These are just a few ideas of things that can be done with my fabric blocks, stop by my store and check them out.

More Fun on Etsy

Two more Treasuries! It’s always such a pleasure to be included in a creative Treasury on Etsy, not the least of reasons is that it encourages me to seek outside my box, as it were, and discover things I might not find otherwise.

Today my wonderful Cowboy Couple card is included in this Treasury: Rodeo, which is full of all things Western.









And my New Moon Bunny fabric block is included in an eclectic group titled Monday Loves:

More Etsy Treasures

Several more Treasuries to tell about on Etsy today. The first is titled “you saw the whole of the moon“, and is filled with unique items with a lunar theme, including my Bunny Moon fabric block:

The second is titled Horsing Around, and is filled with wonderful horse-themed items, including my Gertrude Kay Boy Rides Fairy Horse fabric block, from a vintage book illustration:









It’s always a privilege to be included in Treasuries on Etsy, thanks so much to those who think my items worthy of same!

Etsy Treasuries for June 1, 2012

I’ve been lucky enough to have a number of my items included in Etsy Treasuries today, stop by and check them out, chock full of good stuff (including my cards and fabric blocks, of course):

The Big Picture includes my wonderful Smoking Boy with Chicken image. He’s also found in Colorful Summer Days 76 too (popular kid of late!)

And in Village Life you’ll see my Bunnies in the Garden card, with a lovely rural image by artist Shirley Kite. She’s one of my favorite illustrators these days, love the country feel of this image:


Bunnies in the Garden

Always something fun to find on Etsy!