Facebook and Privacy Issues with Images

I had a disturbing incident this past weekend with a picture I uploaded to my Facebook account, and it took me a full day to determine exactly what had happened.

Now, bear in mind, I have my privacy settings set up very stringently, so that only my Friends can see my posts, and I have to approve things in which I am tagged, and so on.

So it was very troubling to have a notification pop up telling me that someone I didn’t even know was able to Share one of my pictures.

Beg pardon?

Here’s how it went, (which took me a while to figure out): I uploaded a picture which I used as my profile pic. One of my Friends saw it as it came across her News Feed, and clicked on the Like button. Once she did that, one of her Friends was able to see my picture on her Timeline. Which then allowed her Friend, who was not Friends with me, to Share my picture, despite me having all my privacy settings set to the most stringent of standards.

I cry Bullshit on that, big time Facebook.

What if that were a photo of one of my children? And what if one of my relatives Liked it, and one of their Friends Shared it, and off it went around Facebook world. I give no one I don’t know permission to Share my photos, I most assuredly do not.

I am, among other things, a professional photographer, and someone whose business relies on the images I use. I have hundreds of photos and pictures uploaded to my Facebook account. And if Facebook thinks that they can allow just anyone to Share my images willy-nilly, well, then I will be removing all my images from their website soonest.

I seem to recall a recent kerfuffle with Instagram, where imprecise language in their Terms Of Service had everyone upset, as it seemed as if Instagram was saying we no longer owned our images. And now, here’s this sneaky thing that Facebook is doing, allowing any Tom, Dick, or Harry to Share our images without so much as a by your leave.

I don’t know if this is a bug, or an undisclosed “feature”, but either way, it would seem to me to be a very simple thing for the programmers at Facebook to implement a simple checkbox that one had to select when one was uploading a photo that said “Do you wish to allow other users to be able to Share your photo, yes or no?” which would let us decide if we wanted to let folks Share funny meme pics (which no doubt we would), or pictures of our babbies (which no doubt we wouldn’t) and other things.

I know I want a choice. And until such time as Facebook gives me one, I’ll be seriously considering taking all my hundreds of pictures and photos off their site.

I have several friends who are serious photographers, some of whom make their living with their photography, who may not be aware of this bug/feature, and I’ll be alerting them to this issue. As well, I’ll be letting others know, in the hopes that I can get this issue some traction/publicity, and perhaps some changes will be made to make this go away. But for now folks, you need to know that whatever images you upload to Facebook can be Shared by anyone who is a Friend of any of your Friends, just with a simple click of the Like button.

It really shouldn’t have to be so complicated. And it should be fixed, asap.

Edited to add – I posted about this on Facebook, and someone replied to me with this: “I spoke to someone who works at Facebook, and this is how he explained the picture problem: There’s a difference between profile pictures and Photo Album pictures. All Profile pictures have a privacy setting of “public”, to help people find each other on FB. Pictures in Photo Albums can have the privacy settings you want. But —you can go to the photo of yours that someone has re-shared and ask them to take it down — there’s a button/selector on the photo that will do this.”

My response to that is, well, I don’t give a damn if Facebook wants people to be able to find me using my Profile pictures, I don’t want them to have a privacy setting of “public.” They are still my photos, and in most cases I still retain copyright to them. I don’t want to have to ask someone to take my photos down, and in that instance, pay a dollar in order to send the message to their regular mailbox to do so (rather than have it sent to the wasteland that is the “Other” mailbox, which most people don’t even know exists.)

Bottom line Facebook, you do not get to choose which photos of mine are to be made public, I do. They are my photos. And I will be systematically removing all my photos from my Profile picture folder that are anything other than silly or memes or paintings I like by famous artists.

This also begs the question of whether or not facial recognition software is being put into play here. Isn’t that a paranoid thing to think about, eh? But just because we’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get us…

The Horsey Set

Tonight my husband and I are attending a meeting at the Kentucky Horse Council, so I’ve been working pulling together a group of horse themed greeting cards to donate to the door prizes. One of my favorites of these is a lovely card by artist Aleardo Terzi, from a vintage postcard, circa 1918. In it we can see a young woman holding the bridle of a white horse. It’s available as a card, print, bookplate, or fabric block in my Etsy store now:

Gearing up for Halloween

I’ve listed some really nice Halloween images in my Etsy stores lately, both for cards and fabric (and of course, prints, bookplates, magnets etc.)

This first image is a classic image from Gil Elvgren, a pinup girl dressed as a witch, riding a broom (on a photographer’s set it appears) across a big yellow moon. Love his racy, saucy girls, they’re just the best!

eBay and the new USPS labels

Just over the last several days, eBay has been experimenting with a new label format for USPS shipments. There are some pros and cons to this, but for the most part it’s a good thing. If nothing else, it will save sellers some small amount of toner for each label, which will add up over time.

Here’s an old label:














Note towards the bottom, where it states “ZIP – e/ USPS DELIVERY CONFIRMATION”

As well, at the bottom you can see “Electronic Rate Approved” and a number. Most postal workers are used to seeing this.

Now, here’s a new label:















Note that now it states “USPS TRACKING #” with the number below. And no “Electronic Rate Approved” number appears any longer.

Also be aware that on the new label, the text is smaller (I have removed it to protect the privacy of the buyer and me.) I am not wild about that, as it makes the label addressee information just that much harder for the delivery person to read.

But the real gripe I have about the new format is the change in the wording. Delivery Confirmation is just that, confirmation of delivery. The USPS does not promise that the DC number can be used to track the progress of the item throughout its shipment, only that it (in theory) will be scanned into the system upon delivery.

For eBay to change the wording to “Tracking #” is disingenuous at best, and flat out misleading at worst. Now buyers have even more reason to think their items can be tracked every step of the way during shipment, which is simply not the case.

As well, once again eBay has made a change (admittedly somewhat minor) without advance warning to sellers. They have promised to not do so, repeatedly. Yet they do so, repeatedly. Makes me shake my head.

I will note that after the kerfuffle of posts on the eBay Forum boards and in response to eCommerceByte‘s recent blog post on the subject, that eBay has at least put a warning notice above labels before they print to let us know the change has been made. But that’s after the fact, and seems to be in response to complaining. I think sellers would be far happier with an announcement of such a change if it came before the change was made.

Below is the announcement, you can print this off and take it with you to your local post office if the folks there are worried about the lack of Electronic Rate Approved number (as I heard some are.) Never a dull moment selling on eBay.


Buying multiple items from the same seller on eBay

I thought I would do a short blog post on how to purchase multiple cards from my eBay store, KatyDids Cards. It’s not too hard, and here are the steps:

  • Find the item you want to purchase. If it comes in multiples, like my cards do, highlight the number in the Quantity box, and put in how many you wish to purchase.
  • Then, if you don’t want to buy any other cards in my store (but of course you do!) you can click the Buy It Now box and go through the dialogues there to pay with PayPal.
  • If you do want to check out the other great cards and items I have in my store (well yeah!), then click the button to Add to Cart, and hit the back button on your browser to take you back to my store categories. Then when you’ve found more items you want to buy, keep adding them to your cart.
  • Once you’re done filling your cart, hit the Proceed to Checkout button, and simply follow your usual routine to pay using PayPal.
  • This allows you to make just one payment via PayPal (not multiples), and streamlines the whole process for both of us!

Here’s how the screen looks when adding things to your Shopping Cart:

More Fun on Etsy

Two more Treasuries! It’s always such a pleasure to be included in a creative Treasury on Etsy, not the least of reasons is that it encourages me to seek outside my box, as it were, and discover things I might not find otherwise.

Today my wonderful Cowboy Couple card is included in this Treasury: Rodeo, which is full of all things Western.









And my New Moon Bunny fabric block is included in an eclectic group titled Monday Loves:

More Etsy Treasures

Several more Treasuries to tell about on Etsy today. The first is titled “you saw the whole of the moon“, and is filled with unique items with a lunar theme, including my Bunny Moon fabric block:

The second is titled Horsing Around, and is filled with wonderful horse-themed items, including my Gertrude Kay Boy Rides Fairy Horse fabric block, from a vintage book illustration:









It’s always a privilege to be included in Treasuries on Etsy, thanks so much to those who think my items worthy of same!