I’ve Joined the Ranch!

I took the leap last night and opened a store (booth, they’re called) on Bonanzle.com. It was relatively easy to migrate all my eBay listings over to the site, practically painless in fact! I have no idea how much traffic the site gets, but the beauty of it all (for me) is that there are no up front fees such as we pay to list on eBay, just final value fees when something sells. So it costs me nothing to get set up there, which is good.

I’ve listed all my postcards, trade cards, and other ephemera there, we’ll see how it does. For now, I’m in “wait and see mode.”

With the way sales seem to have tanked on eBay, it’s more than time for me to diversify. I need to start working on my own stand-alone website, as well as branch out to other venues. I may investigate eCrater later today. I’ve considered Ruby Lane and Playles, but they each have relatively high fees to set up there, which on top of the eBay fees I’m already paying, I can’t do. So for now, up front free works well for me. With luck diversifying will increase overall sales as well as the bottom line.

But only time will tell…