Excellent eCommerce Seminar

I just finished attending a great eCommerce seminar (conference call, whathaveyou) with four of the best in the biz: John Lawson of ColderICE; Dave White of eBay and Beyond;  Marlene Gavens, known as The Savvy Seller; and Wally Kolenda, known as Auction Wally. There was so much information presented that my ears are bleeding a bit and I am still waiting for it to stop whirling around my brain and settle down. But I wanted to give some highlights of what I heard.

In the first segment, Wally Kolenda spoke at length about podcasting, and how simple it is to use podcasting as a way to market your business and break into Internet Marketing. You don’t have to be a trained professional speaker, you don’t have to have a voice like Maria Callas, you just have to have knowlege and a desire to get your information out there to the world (a market for your info doesn’t hurt either!)

Second to speak was Marlene Gavens, and sadly I had to dash away from the computer during part of her talk, which irked me greatly, as it seemed as if she had a tonne of good info to impart (I am hoping someone took notes on her section, as I really want to review them!) She’s an eBay Certified Education Specialist and has a huge catalogue of training for those who are seeking to learn about eBay, or want to fine tune their eBay selling experience.

John Lawson spoke third, focusing on building a business without getting caught up in a “business plan” mode. He encouraged listeners to get out there and educate themselves using every and all sources, from your local public library (check out various audio books on business for free rather than paying to buy them); to using your local Chamber of Commerce to market yourself and your business. He encouraged us to automate as much as possible, use the new tools available online, and keep a vision of where we want to go with our business. Just¬† saying “I want a business” isn’t going to do it, as the old expression goes “Do what you love and the money will follow”, but John encourages us to do it smart.

Finally, Dave White wrapped the call up with some salient points about marketing yourself and your business in the ever-changing world of eCommerce. Dave is a former eBay employee, and has been selling on eBay and other online venues for over 11 years (longer than my own 10!) He does a weekly news and live call-in show targeted towards eBay and Internet Marketers, Basics to Business, streaming online Mondays from 1-3 pm ET.

So once all the bits and bytes of great info that was put out there today stops swirling around in my head I may do a follow-up post. For now, need to do some mental digesting. But wanted to thank these four for the great info!