Valentine’s Day Cards – Show Your Love!

Last year my Aunt D (my biggest fan and supporter) grumbled that I didn’t have enough depth and breadth in my Valentine’s Day cards in my Etsy shop. So for about the past month I’ve been working hard to get some new items in there for her to buy.

Greeting Card from Vintage PostcardOne of my favorites is a card I made from a vintage French real photo postcard. It shows a studio shot of a little girl posed as if she’s sitting in a chimney on a rooftop during a snowstorm. The photographer dressed her in a set of adorable wings, and then after printing the photo, hand colored it to add bits of gold and color to her outfit. As an image I find it simply wonderful, especially with the expression on her face.

1920s Owl Card

My Aunt D is also very fond of Valentines from the 1920s or so, and I’ve been working on some of those for her as well. As I went through my collection of same, I found one that had been my mom’s before she died, and which was clearly intended for my aunt and uncle (they all share a love of owls, long family story.) So I cleaned it up in Photoshop and listed it as a card for her, so cute!

I hope you’ll all send your loved ones a real paper card for Valentine’s Day. Email cards are all very well and good, but nothing shows your love like a real card, hand inscribed, and dropped in the mail. See my store for lots more cards for Valentine’s Day and any other reason you can think of!

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