Adding a Gift Shipping Address to PayPal

Every now and then I have a customer who wishes to have an item purchased from me shipped to a different address. Since PayPal’s Seller Protection only applies when we (sellers) ship to the address showing on the PayPal payment notice, I like to request that buyers add the address they wish their item shipped to to their PayPal account as a gift address.

It’s really pretty easy.

  1. Click the Buy It Now button on the eBay item you wish to purchase.
  2. Click the Commit to Buy button (to confirm you’re really buying the item)
  3. Proceed to PayPal to make your Payment. Once you’re there you’ll see a screen like this (it will also have the particulars of the item you’re purchasing below it):
  4. At the right of your shipping address is a link to Change. Click it. You’ll then see this: Image 

    If you have other addresses already in your account, you can choose one from a dropdown menu.If you want to add a new address, then click the “Add a New Address” link.

  5. Once you clicked the Add a New Address, you’ll see this:Image
    Enter in the information of the new address you’d like your item shipped to.
  6. Be sure to click Ship To This Address to save this new address. Then you can continue on with your payment, and your item will be shipped to the person you want it sent to. And the seller can comply with PayPal’s rules about shipping to the address shown on the payment notice. Easy as pie! Have fun shopping…

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