Never a dull moment

It’s been an interesting month or so. With new seller requirements being implemented on eBay, I finally made the leap and starting listing items in my Shop on Etsy. I joined several years ago, but never really got serious about it. Serious I am now (did that come out sounding a little Yoda-like?)

I am trying to list at least one new card every day, and cross-list several from my eBay store too. I want to have things in the Etsy store that aren’t available on eBay, in the hopes of driving more traffic there.

eBay really is the place I hate to love. I’ve bought and sold there on and off since 1998. I had one of the original Nikon digital cameras (and no, I won’t tell you the obscenely high price I paid for it, so don’t ask.) I love the eyeballs the site gets, no question. I love the flexibility of the shop I can have there. I love listing things for sale as auctions.

But I hate the way things have changed for sellers since about ’08. I won’t enumerate them here, there are plenty of other places you can find lists of how wretched it has become to be a small seller on eBay, no need for me to add to them. Suffice it to say, it’s just not a seller-friendly place any more, especially if you sell in the Collectibles niche, as I do.

So I’m branching out, which I should have done years ago, but I was putting so much time/energy/effort into building my brand on eBay I didn’t want to get distracted. I like Etsy as a format, the people there seem somehow hipper and more cool than the average eBay denizen. I guess that’s all part of that handmade mentality. But I like it there, and am having fun listing things. I’ll be having even more fun when things start to sell.

But no matter where or how I sell my things, I adore my job. I am an utter nerd, I know. I love nothing more than taking a 125 year old piece of vintage ephemera, scanning it into Photoshop, and fixing, repairing, retouching it to bring back all its original beauty and glory. It’s something I can get lost in, time after time I’ll look up and find an hour or more has passed. I love it. And isn’t loving one’s job what it’s all about?

"Flying Birds" before and after.

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