eBay’s New Price Changes

eBay recently announced a fairly big change to their pricing structure. Bottom line, they are doing away with the Store element where you could list an item in your store for three cents per month. These items were not shown in Basic Search, but that was ok, because it allowed sellers like me to have them on display for buyers who had purchased an Auction or Fixed Price item, and then who went looking through my store for other items.

I liked the three cent Store items a lot. I have things that while they have low sellthrough, do eventually sell. Dealing in vintage collectibles as I do, the things I have are often one of a kind, and when a buyer finds them, they’re usually very happy to have done so. I have buyers who come through regularly and purchase ten or twenty or thirty items out of my store at a time (love them!)

But now the only choices sellers on eBay will have is to pay for Fixed Price, or Auction. Fixed Price items will cost a given amount depending on if you have a store and what level of store you are subscribed to. I have two stores on eBay now. I will be closing one, and have upgraded the other. I had them separate because one contained items that didn’t belong to me, they are from an estate I am disbursing, and the other was for my own items. I can certainly put them all in one store, it just means more paperwork and organizational stuff for me. My primary focus is on the estate anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal. But it is annoying.

Time will tell as to whether or not my fees will increase. According to the calculator eBay set up for us to evaluate our future fees, mine either will only increase a bit, or perhaps even fall a bit, depending on how I crunch the numbers. But I do have to say I am more than tired of the tinkering. Can we not just leave things the way they are for a while, please? I feel as if my head is spinning, all I want to do is do my work, not have to continually be reacting to some change eBay has thrust upon sellers.

Time will tell how this will go. The changes take place at the end of March. April and May will be very illuminating months indeed.

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